Kits for bead embroidery, cross-stitch and mixed techniques on such fabrics such as silk and natural art canvas at retail and wholesale prices.

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We offer kits for bead embroidery, cross-stitch and mixed techniques on such fabrics such as silk and natural art canvas at retail and wholesale prices.
Embroidery kits by Dimensions - the world's leading manufacturer of needlework kits are sold here at ones of the lowest prices.
"Krasa I Tvorchist" is Ukrainian for Beauty and Creativity. It is a craftwork outlet for those who enjoy embroidery of different kinds. Just Art Stitch Company proudly represents "Magia Kanvi", "Butterfly Company" in Europe. They are a young and fast developing company which produces a wide variety of bead and cross stitch embroidery kits. Customers enjoy working with our kits because of their original, well through design and best quality material.
We also are the representatives of "Abris Art" which offers a brand new direction of bead embroidery on natural art canvas. All their kits are suited for beginners and advanced embroiders. A good variety of themes are available. Every kit consists of original natural canvas, special embroidery needles and high quality beads from Czech Republic and Japan. The finished work can be covered with clear varnish. Just like painters varnish their work on the canvas, which enhances its beauty.
Additionally we represent "Charivna Mit", which also offes bead embroidery kits, cross stitch kits and very original refined kits of mixed bead, thread and ribbon embroidery in one design.
Another company we represent is "Nova Sloboda" which offers a new direction in creative handcraft - beadwork on silk with satin stitch and straight line techniques.
We took part in the Stitch & Craft Show Olympia ll, London 14th to 17th March 2013 where we were happy to represent original designs of companies. Our favourite items were the different do, Christian theme symbols, flowers, nature. "Magia Kanvi" offers beautiful kits for at the upcoming autumn. We present a new wave of handcraft - bead embroidery on natural art canvas, bead embroidery on silk with satin stitch technique. Also new kits for counted cross-stitch embroidery from "Lansvit" in our online store.

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