The company "Nova Sloboda" – is one of the leading manufacturers of cross stitch and beads embroidery kits in Ukraine, Russia and Europe. During its work tenure, the company has proved itself as a manufacturer of high quality products and a real trendsetter in handcraft.

  A wide selection of products with detailed step by step instructions is suitable for both beginners and experienced stitchers. Here you will find kits for cross and beads embroidery. There are also interesting examples of embroidery in the mixed technique with threads, and beads, and sometimes even decorative sew on elements. The variety of themes is also impressive: floral motifs, landscapes, wildlife, people, icons and more.


Series of DM and  PE kits are  represented in traditional embroidery techniques. This includes cross stitch, half cross stitch and back stitch. The kit contains aida fabric, stranded cotton threads pre-sorted on threads organizer, chart, step by step detailed instructions and a needle.

 You may get interested in a series of CD and CP kits – Partial Embroidery, which include printed fabric with the main background. Only separate fragments of design are embroidered, and this creates the volume effect in the finished work.

Series of NK and NA kits are stitched with beads. Some of them contain different sew on stones, which allows embroiderers to use their imagination during the work, and decorate the embroidery with different elements.


A special place among the beads embroidery kits occupies a series of C and CK kits for beaded icons, which is especially valuable for people of faith.

The company "Nova Sloboda" will help you to creatively design the interior of your homes and to establish an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in them!


A diptych is a type of icons whereby two panels are joined together with a hinge, so that they may fold together for protection when traveling, and then be unfolded for veneration when one's destination has been reached. Such diptychs are also called "traveling icons". Most often, the images on the two panels will be Christ and the Theotokos.