Tree Clock - Nova Sloboda

Tree Clock - Nova Sloboda

Code: EM1001
Size 19.7" x19.7" (50 х 50 cm) Kit contains: clockwork, flax (linen) fabric background printed 60 x 60 cm, Palmira 180 stranded cotton threads 6 colours, threads organizer, beads Slovenska Busa 3 colours, decorative elements for sew 23pc, 2 needles, treads for bead embroidery, easy to read multi-coloured chart with full English instructions. Tambour Chain Stitch, Bead Embroidery, Back Stitch kit.
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About Tree Clock - Nova Sloboda

Six reasons to cross-stitch the new product from the NOVA SLOBODA company - Tree Clock kit:

1) The original technique of embroidery is used when working with this kit: Tambour Chain Stitch, Bead Embroidery, Back Stitch;

2) The kit consists of linen with a picture in the background and a guidance chart;

3) The kit contains a fully functional clock;

4) Bead embroidery enhances the beauty of the work;

5) The sew on decorative wooden elements are used in the kit;

6) According to sewer's superstition it is a good sign to sew the tree (especially the blooming one) - it means you will live longer.

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