Embroidery and Pregnancy

 Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting and happy periods in every woman's life. Before childbirth you have plenty of free time to be used for your own benefit and for the good of your future baby. There is walking, gymnastics, interesting reading, crafts and so on. Many women immerse into their hobby - embroidery. There are so many positive moments in it that some doctors even recommend expectant mothers to embroider.

So what is so special about this easy-to-do craft?

 Embroidery requires complete concentration and involvement in the process. This is an opportunity to change to a positive tune, to find harmony, to normalize your emotional state and to relax. Needlework at one's fingertips is a kind of acupuncture, which by pressing on the active finger points has a positive effect on all body systems, including the formation of female hormones. Embroidery helps reduce uterine tone, which is also beneficial to the state of women. That's why so many women become keen needlewomen during pregnancy.

 However, it is worth remembering the necessary precautions. You should not be fanatical about it. Its is not recommended to sit in one position for a long time since it has a negative impact on the circulation in the pelvic organs and can cause compression of large vessels, as well as adversely affect the spine. Increased eye strain is also undesirable.

 Organize a comfortable workplace for yourself. Place a stand under your feet, put a pillow behind your back; alternate embroidery with physical activities, only this way it will benefit your state. After all, any creative work during pregnancy is not only fun for the expectant mother, but also a way to positively influence your baby's development, encouraging the formation of his artistic taste and color perception.

What to embroider?

 Embroider whatever you want , all images and paintings that evoke positive emotions in you. And you can start preparing for your baby's birth, for example, embroider a picture to hang over the child's crib or decorate a blanket with embroidery. Be creative, come up with an unusual use of embroidery, and we guarantee you many joyous moments.

 Pregnancy is a wonderful time, so spend it in joy and harmony. May you and your baby be healthy!

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