Important Requirements for Icons Embroidering

The main thing is a thorough preparation to embroidering. At first one needs to say a special prayer and to get a blessing. Purity of thoughts and positive attitude are a must.
Secondly, you should take into consideration the time and place of such activity. You may not embroider an icon while watching TV, on Friday night, on Sunday, on religious holidays. Besides, it is believed that women shouldn't do it during their period.

The next important fact is a serious attitude to the work. Once you have started embroidering an icon, you must finish your work. It is considered sinful to drop it unfinished.

You should also think carefully about the place your work will occupy after it is ready. The place should be very special. You needn't decorate your home with an embroidered icon. It is also indecent to show it off in your collections or exhibit it elsewhere. We offer thread and bead embroidery kits with Biblical plot for these purposes; those are just pictures, not icons. The icon should be placed in a special area of your home where people can pray when they need.

People often ask what technique should be used for embroidery - threads or beads. Certainly bead embroidered icons have a rich historical background but it is not an issue. Whatever technique you decide to use, either cross, stitch, beads, or tapestry the holy image is the most important. This very image you create embroidering an icon possesses all energy and spirit.