Ten Reasons to Start Cross-stitching

There are millions of reasons to devote one's spare time to needlework. Here are just ten, and we hope that it will be enough to convince you to start embroidering.

1. Cross-stitching does not require any special skills, and even your first work may be indistinguishable from the work of professional embroiderers. But it is better to begin with small embroidery to practice and improve your skills.

2. Embroidery perfectly relieves stress and helps you relax. Just turn on your favorite music and embroider!
3. Now you'll never get bored. The mobility of this hobby allows doing it wherever and whenever you want.

4 . You won't have to shop in search of gifts for your family and friends anymore. You can create a unique and exclusive hand-made gift by yourself.

5. Anything you create will have a chance to become a family heirloom. Embroidered picture will decorate your home; you can pass it on to your children. Afterwards, your descendants will challenge each other's right to own a beautiful picture created by their great-great-grandmother.

6. The choice of subjects for cross-stitching is unlimited. This means that you will always have something to embroider. You can find exactly what you are looking for. It can be landscapes, animals, flowers, fantasy characters, etc.

7. Embroidery will reveal your creativity. You will constantly improve your stitching skills. The complexity level of embroidery patterns depends on the size of the finished work, the number of colors and types of stitches used. You can start with a simple design with few colors and cross-stitches only. Then you might get interested in such words as "French knot", "half-cross", etc. You may have to read something on the subject, and you might not be successful at it right away. But you can handle that, because you have already taken a great interest in cross stitching, and figured out where to use new types of stitches.

8. Embroidery can be done at any weather, unlike skiing or jogging. Whether it is snow, rain or sunny weather, you can always cuddle in your favorite armchair and indulge in embroidery for hours.

9. You will have more people to communicate with. Now there are many Internet sites dedicated to embroidery. On craftswomen forums you will find people who have common interests with you, so you will always have something to discuss and share.

10. Embroidery will highlight your uniqueness. Decorate your purse, pouch for glasses, handbag, and clothing with embroidery. Hang a self-made picture in a prominent place in the house, so it immediately strikes your visitors. After that humbly answer the questions on where has such beauty come from and who is that brilliant artist creating such miracles with his own hands.